Hello friends,

Welcome to the new home for Tasha’s yoga news, tips, and more–

I’ll be updating regularly with insights from teaching, reading, and practicing, and I’ll keep an ongoing journal of the postures/etc practiced in my December classes (so that students can review at home if they’d like).  

Check back to find out what’s been inspiring my practice (like the quote below), as well as tips for managing stress, sleeping better, developing patience and compassion, fighting fatigue, finding motivation, combatting illness, dealing with negative emotions, and improving physical health.  

Yes, more to come.  We’ll make this the tentative and happy beginning.  Cheers!

“The basic teaching of Yoga is to cultivate strength and steadiness of mind alongside the flexibility of spirit that allows you to move through the most challenging situations with wisdom…

“Your response to change reveals your basic notion of yourself…

“Vision is a living, breathing thing whose very inspiration depends on spontaneity… It is the flexible, strong mind of a Yoga practitioner that will have the humility to let go of the past when appropriate, move forward with necessary, and accept the bell of change when it rings…

“You will see in the world what you have cultivated within yourself.”

–From Kino Macgregor in Yoga +


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